• Steel back reinforced and custom made to fit any OEM equipment


  • Steel cable reinforced and custom made to fit any crown deck

​The preferred system for "top-to-bottom" use

​The standard for 1' x 4' and 1' x 2' modular panel systems

​Exclusive staggered pattern for increased efficiency

​Openings available from 0.1mm to 8"

Custom panel fabrication available in all materials

​30mm to 100mm thick panels; can include dams and diverters

​Abailable in WS 85 Flex-A-Thon Non Blinding Screens

Poly Wanna Rock

Long wear life and cost effectiveness guaranteed

​Increased efficiency by preventing blinding and pegging

Polyurethane Screening Media and Magnetic Wear Liners

Designed for wet screening and dust control applications

Standard 3/4" and 1/2" NPT Couplings

Three nozzle sizes

Keast Equipment Inc.

"When Rock Meets Steel"

Our EXCLUSIVE, WS 2.10 is a high quality, polyurethane Wear-Resistant Protection System that can be applied to ANY steel surface that sustains wear.

Premature wear is successfully conquered with this amazing quick-install, no-bolt, no-glue, no-weld, Protective System. Static or vibratory problem, WS 2.10 protects your investment!

For use as: Frame Protectors, Tube Covers, Discharge and Feed Lips, and Chute Liners.